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Attention: Prospective students for the Master’s and Doctoral Programs,

Important Information regarding the Entrance Examination 2016-2017 of the Global Frontier in Life Science

The entrance examination for October 2016 admission and April 2017 admission will be held as follows.
Please note that applicants are NOT required to be physically present in Japan for the examination.  

(1)    Screening of the admission documents: a valid score for IELTS or TOEFL exam, valid scores for GRE exam (*), transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, and at least two recommendation letters written by the applicant’s supervisors in the university are to be submitted by May 20, 2016. For those who are planning to apply, preparation of documents and contact with researchers in our graduate school in advance are recommended. 

*Regarding GRE test scores, ONLY Master’s applicants are required to submit. A GRE score of the General Test is essential, and those for any of the subjects listed below are recommended but optional:
Biology/Biochemistry/Cell and Molecular Biology/ Chemistry/ Physics 

(2)    Oral examination: Only successful applicants who pass the screening of the admission documents will be able to take the oral examination between June 20 and July 15, 2016. The interview method will be specified at a later date.
(E.g. SKYPE or other protocols)

Further details are provided in the Admission Guidelines. 

Admission Guidelines

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