About certificates

Application of certificates(mail-in application)

Please submit the application form as instructed (see below).

  1. Name and date of birth (The Roman alphabet of the name is required for an English certificate)
  2. Year of entrance and year of completion (name of the degree, major and laboratory )
  3. Names of the requested certificate (e.g. the transcript, certificate, etc. in Japanese or English)
  4. Number of application forms
  5. Purpose of utilization and name of institution where applications should be submitted
  6. Contacts information of applicant (telephone and E-mail)
  7. Copy of your ID card

※The expense for certificate issue is free.

In case you request us to mail you a copy

Please send a copy of your ID card together with the self-addressed envelope with stamp.
Self-addressed envelope should include a stamp (80yen or more depending on the weight) and your address. Also  envelope size have to be “Cho-kei san-go.”
Please note that the stamp price can differ based on the weight (number of paper) or sending methods.

For receiving a certificate at the office

Please show your ID card at the office.

※Please see Kyoto University homepage for issuing diploma.
Please inquire details at Kyoumu-Kikaku-ka, Kyouiku-Suishin-bu.

Application and inquiries:Graduate School of Biostudies registrar.