Laboratory of Science Communication and Bioethics


Main theme

In our laboratory, we aim to identify essential issues in the interface between biostudies and the society, and to propose possible actions or solutions.
Currently, we are focusing on the following three areas.

  1. Theoretical and practical analysis of science communication.
    In addition to organizing practical activities such as “Genome Square”, a public event ( in Japanese language only), we analyze the effects and significance of science communication. This includes the communication between scientists and the general public, and that among scientists and scientific communities.
  2. Analysis of bioethical issues in biostudies.
    We study ethical, legal and social implications of biostudies such as human genome research and human stem cell research.
  3. Analysis of modern history of biostudies.
    We analyze the development and changes of biostudies in the last 20 to 30 years through literature surveys and interviews with scientists.