Laboratory of Cell Division and Differentiation


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Assistant Professor

ODA, Yukako
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Main theme

How adult tissue stem cells adapt to physiological changes is a fundamental question in stem cell biology. Balance between self-renewal and differentiation of stem cells via symmetric/asymmetric cell division is essential for steady state homeostasis. Biased stem cell self-renewal or differentiation leads to changes in tissue organization and in organ size. Our group focuses on the mechanisms of symmetric/asymmetric stem cell division, stem cell differentiation, and cell lineage-commitment in tissues metabolism and regeneration. We further research on the stem cell regulation in response to the physiological changes of the body, including pregnancy, obesity and aging.

Research subjects:

  1. Symmetric and asymmetric stem cell division in tissue homeostasis
  2. Maternal tissue stem cell dynamics during pregnancy
  3. Obesity- and age-related stem cell degeneration


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