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Events of the Seminar

Date: March 5 (Mon), 6 (Tue), 7 (Wed) and 8 (Thu), 2012
Place: Shiran Kaikan (Inamori Hall, Yamauchi Hall)
Language: English

Long-Talk Session

  • Time: 25 minutes (20 min-talk, and 5 min-discussion)
  • Two outstanding and one best presentation will be selected from the sum of the judges' scores.
  • The invited judges will score all presentations from the following point of view;
    Research (experimental design, significance, future prospects): 10 points
    Presentation (clarity, composition, discussion, confidence): 10 points
    Total: 20 points

Short-Talk Session

  • Time: 15 minutes (10 min-talk, and 5 min-discussion)
  • The invited judges and researchers from overseas will vote for three favourite presentations.
    The best three presentations will be selected.

Poster Session

  • A0 size (841~1189mm) Portrait

Group Discussion

Scientific Workshop