International Student Seminar

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Welcome to the 11th International Student Seminar. The 11th ISS was held from March 4th to March 9th, 2013. This is a seminar of young scientists, for young scientists from all over the world, organized by young scientists from the Graduate School of Biostudies, Institute for Virus Research and Graduate School of Pharmacutical Science, Kyoto University.

One of the aims of this seminar is to provide an opportunity to learn about and inspired by a wide range of cutting-edge biological topics, while improving our discussion skills. The most important thing is to break through our intellectual, cultural, and language barriers, making scientific friendships and connections around world. Last year, ISS marked its 10th anniversary. We will return to the origin and get a fresh start from the 11th ISS. For this purposes, we decided on the slogan "No boundaries! Everything starts from your interests." To share the valuable time for all participants, we have implemented several innovations in keeping with the spirit of our slogan.


I enjoyed ISS for the opportunity to interact with colleagues and international researchers. Everyone was excited and motivated to communicate with each about their research work. I also really enjoyed the social events where I could find out about different cultures by chatting with the international researchers. Megan Oliver

I learned organization of a poster and improved basic presentation skill and English expression. It would be a good opportunity for your research plan and writing an application to summarize your data. Group discussion reminded me how important to explain what is interesting point of my research briefly.

It was also brilliant to interact with the students and the professors in the graduate school. Usui Mai

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