Division of Systemic Life Science

This division consists of 21 laboratories including seven cooperative laboratories from Institute for Virus Research, Institute for Advancement of Clinical and Translational Science, Institute for Frontier Medical Science, Radiation Biology Center and RIKEN Center for Development Biology. 35 graduate students are accepted in the Master’s Program annually, and 14 in the Doctoral Program. In this division, education and research are focused on the elucidation of the fundamentals of molecular and systemic biology, cell biology and immunology. Experimental approaches are taken with viruses, microorganisms, cultured cells and animals. We pursue education and research to elucidate the molecular aspects of Systemic Life Science.

Department of Molecular and System Biology

field staff
Laboratory of Single-Molecule Cell Biology N. Watanabe , S. Yamashiro , A.Miyamoto

Department of Animal Development and Physiology

field staff
Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology K. Sakamaki
Laboratory of Immunobiology K. Takahara
Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology and Development T. Kitajima , M. Takasato
T. Oh , F. Obata

Department of Signal Transductions

field staff
Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology I. Kimura , H. Katoh , R . Ohue , T.Ikeda
Laboratory of Genetics T. Igaki , H. Kanda , M. Enomoto , K . Taniguchi

Department of Functional Biology

field staff
Laboratory of Functional Biology A. Kakizuka , H. Imamura , M. Koike

Department of Biology Education and Heredity

field staff
Laboratory of Science Communication J. Hejna , A. GUY
Laboratory of Chromosome Function and Inheritance P. Carlton

Department of Systems Biology

field staff
Laboratory of Bioimaging and Cell Signaling M. Matsuda , T. Kobayashi , H.Yukinaga
Laboratory of Theoretical Biology N.Honda
Laboratory of Brain Development and Regeneration I.Imayoshi , M.Yamada , Y.Suzuki ,
GUY, Adam Tsuda

Department of Genome Biology

field staff
Laboratory of Genome Maintenance T. Matsumoto , K. Furuya
Laboratory of Genome Damage Signaling M. Takata , A.Canela ,
Laboratory of Cancer Cell Biology H. Harada , J. Nam , M. Kobayashi
Laboratory of Chromatin Regulatory Network T. Ikura

Department of Mammalian Regulatory Network

field staff
Laboratory of Cell Regulation and Molecular Network M. Sugita , D. Morita , T. Mizutani
Laboratory of RNA Viruses K. Tomonaga , M. Hijikata , A. Makino ,
H. Matsugo
Laboratory of Cell Division and Differentiation F. Toyoshima, A. VANDENBON ,
R. Ishibashi
Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biomechanics T. Adachi , Y. Kameo

Department of Advanced Imaging

field staff
Laboratory of Spatiotemporal Optical Control K. Ishobe
Laboratory of Optical Neural and Molecular Physiology M. Sakamoto