Entrance Exam FAQ

For prospective students

Attention: prospective students who are interested in the Master’s Program in the Global Frontier in Life Science (English-based degree program), A valid score for the GRE General Test must be submitted as a required document for your application. For those who intend to apply for the Master’s Program in the near future, please refer to the ETS website and take the test as early as possible.


You are strongly advised to prepare a sufficient budget for your school fees and living expenses in Japan beforehand. Scholarship information is provided on the following website:

If you are interested in Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Embassy Recommendation, please contact the Japan Embassy in your home country directly.

Contact lab heads

Once you have familiarized yourself with the publications of a particular laboratory, and have made a well-considered decision to apply, please contact the Kyoto University Admissions Assistance Office (AAO) and complete the AAO process.

Through the AAO process, you may contact the professor in charge of that laboratory to inquire if there is currently space available for you to pursue graduate research in that laboratory. Our academic member list is posted on our website.


I am a prospective student for Master’s program. I am a native English speaker (or have been educated in English). Do I need to submit a GRE score?

GRE General Test score is required. Any scores of the Subject Test are optional. Acceptable test includes: Biology/Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology/Chemistry/Physics.

Recommendation letters are one of the application documents to be submitted. How many recommendation letters do I need to submit?

Please submit at least two recommendation letters.