About GSB

The Graduate School of Biostudies (GSB), Kyoto University, was founded in April 1999 as Japan’s first independent graduate school focused on life sciences with the dual objective of building a world-class center for research and developing individuals who can lead the life sciences field into the next generation.

At GSB, researchers from different backgrounds such as basic molecular and cellular biology, agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, and engineering gather and share their diverse perspectives. By harnessing the common language of “cells, molecules, and genes” that together form the fundamental principles of life, we have developed an integrated understanding of diverse life forms and the environments they help shape, and have launched innovative efforts in research and education that will produce a new set of values for the future and dignity of life.

GSB is composed of 2 divisions: “Integrated Life Sciences” and “Systemic Life Sciences”. In 2018, we founded the “Radiation Biology Center” and the “Research Center for Dynamic Living Systems”. And in 2020, we also founded industry-academia joint laboratories to expand education and research bases and promote the social implementation of research results. In 2023, we founded the Center for Living Systems Information Science (CeLiSIS). GSB expects to contribute to the understanding and control of biological functions using big data such as genomic information and intracellular visualization information, and the understanding of life survival strategies in response to changes in the global environment.