Division of Integrated Life Science

This division consists of 19 laboratories including seven cooperative laboratories from Radiation Biology Center, Institute for Virus Research, and Institute of Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS). 40 graduate students are accepted in the Master’s Program annually, and 19 in the Doctoral Program. In this division, education and research are focused on the elucidation of basic mechanisms regulating the chromosome transmission, chromosome replication, RNA architecture, cell cycle, cellular transport, cell polarity, signal transduction, growth and development, developmental plasticity, bioconversion, and environmental adaptation. Experimental approaches are taken with microorganisms, plants, and animals. We pursue education and research to elucidate the molecular aspects of Integrative Life Science.

Department of Gene Mechanisms

field staff
Laboratory of Chromosome Transmission Y. Nakaseko
Laboratory of Gene Biodynamics H. Shiraishi
Laboratory of Cell Cycle Regulation F. Ishikawa , T. Miyoshi , H. Nakaoka


Department of Cell and Developmental Biology

field staff
Laboratory of Cell Recognition and Pattern Formation T. Uemura , T. Usui , Y. Hattori , T. Kondo , T. Harumoto
Laboratory of Signal Transduction M. Kusakabe , Y. Miyata


Department of Plant Gene and Totipotency

field staff
Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology T. Kohchi , R. Nishihama , Y. Yasui , Y. Yoshitake
Laboratory of Molecular
and Cellular Biology of Totipotency
T. Nakano ,  K. Ifuku


Department of Applied Molecular Biology

field staff
Laboratory of Biosignals and Response M. Nagao , T. Kambe、K.Nishino
Laboratory of Applied Molecular Microbiology H. Fukuzawa , T. Yamano , Y.Tsuji
Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Bioresponse T. Katayama , S. Masuda , T. Katoh


Department of Responses to Environmental Signals and Stresses

field staff
Laboratory of Plant Developmental Biology T. Araki , S.Yamaoka , K.Inoue
Laboratory of Plasma Membrane and Nuclear Signaling S. Yoshimura , M. Kumeta


Department of Molecular and Developmental Biology

field staff
Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology M. Kengaku
Laboratory of Biochemical Cell Dynamics J. Suzuki
Laboratory of Multidisciplinary Biology Y. Taniguchi


Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

field staff
Laboratory of Developmental Dynamics R. Kageyama , T. Ohtsuka , T. Kobayashi
Laboratory of Ultrastructural Virology T. Noda ,  M. Nakano  , Y. Muramoto