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Welcome to the 15th International Student Seminar!

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“Biology in Bloom”

Welcome to the 15th International Student Seminar (ISS) website.
The 15th ISS will be held in the last week of February 2017, with the main symposium on the 23rd and 24th. This is a seminar of young scientists from all over the world, organized by young scientists from the Graduate School of Biostudies and Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences at Kyoto University. One of the aims of this seminar is to provide valuable opportunities to discuss intriguing novel areas of research with international perspectives, while improving our discussion skills. Continuing the tradition of themed slogans for this ISS, our slogan is “Biology in Bloom”, which reflects both the novel research and youthful vigour of the participants. During the seminar, young scientists will be inspired by presentations and discussions of each other’s work in English, together with scientists from different countries and fields. To support this, we will arrange presentations in three styles: short talk, long talk, and poster presentation. Furthermore, to encourage lively discussion, an overnight retreat will be held at the Kansai seminar house on the night of the 27th of February. This retreat event provides great opportunities to communicate with other participants, across laboratories, fields, borders and languages. We are really looking forward to seeing you and wholeheartedly hope that all of you are able to engage in the 15th ISS and witness.