Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Totipotency


NAKANO, Takeshi
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Associate Professor

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Assistant Professor

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Main theme

Plant growth has been administrated by cooperative regulations between plant cell differentiation/division/elongation and photosynthesis. Based on these scientific aspects, our laboratory is trying to reveal the plant growth mechanisms by ‘chemical biology’ and ‘molecular and cellular biology’.

Major research topics are

(1) Growth regulation by plant hormone signaling
(2) Chloroplast regulation by prassinosteroid
(3) Chemical functions to regulate plant growth and differentiation
(4) Plant biomass production regulated by chemicals and genes
(5) Evolution and diversity of steroid hormones

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Laboratory of Molecular Keyword

totipotency of plant cells  functional differentiation of plastids  stress response/tolerance of photosynthesis  molecular breeding of plant cell function  metabollic engineering  secondary metabolism and environmental response  evolution of secondary metabolism   functiona expression of secondary metabolism and production of useful substances  synthetic biology