Laboratory of Cell Recognition and Pattern Formation


UEMURA, Tadashi
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USUI, Tadao
tusui -at-

Assistant Professor

yhattori -at-

Program-Specific Assistant Professor

KONDO, Takefumi
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HARUMOTO, Toshiyuki
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Main theme

We are interested in:

  1. Contributions of nutrients and associated microbes to animal growth and aging
  2. Neuronal circuits that evoke selective behaviors in response to sensory stimuli
  3. Epithelial morphogenesis consisting of complex levels of hierachy
  4. Reproductive manipulation (“male killing”) caused by insect symbionts

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Laboratory of Cell Recognition and Pattern Formation Keyword

nutrient  development  metabolism  sensory neuron  dendrite and axon  neuronal circuit  behavior  planar cell polarity  cadherin superfamily  multi-omics  imaging  quantitative analysis  genetics  Drosophila satellite species  yeast  microorganism