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Research outline

Attachment of the spindles to the kinetochores is one of the most important processes for equal segregation of chromosomes. The kinetochore, a key player of this process, can be found only at a fix position per chromosome. We are interested in positioning of the kinetochore and study the underlying mechanisms. CENP-A, a variant of histone H3, can be found specifically at centromeric chromatin, on which the kinetochore is assembled in mitosis. As it is generally believed that CENP-A determines the “centromere identity”, positioning of the kinetochore relies on proper distribution of CENP-A at chromatin. With the expectation that mechanisms to remove excess CENP-A from chromatin play a key role in maintenance of distribution of CENP-A, our study with fission yeast to characterize several mutants, which are prone to promiscuous accumulation of CENP-A, is in progress.
The spindle checkpoint delays the onset of anaphase until the spindles are attached properly to the kinetochores. We study molecular events in mitosis that are necessary to satisfy this checkpoint.

Main themes

  • Chromosome segregation
  • Kinetochore
  • Spindle checkpoint


MATSUMOTO, TomohiroProfessor

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FURUYA, KanjiSenior Lecturer

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