Division of Integrated Life Science

Laboratory of Signal Transduction

Research summary

Research outline

We study regulatory mechanisms and functions of signal transduction pathways in cell fate decision, by biochemical, cellular and developmental analyses mainly using mammalian cultured cell lines and Xenopus laevis embryos. The current research topics include 1) regulatory mechanisms and functions of an ancient atypical MAP kinase with evolutionary diversity in cell differentiation, 2) nutrient-regulated signaling pathways in early development, 3) roles of DYRK family kinases in cell regulation, 4) roles of molecular chaperones in protein kinase regulation.

Main themes

  • Regulatory mechanisms of protein kinase signal transduction in cell fate decision
  • Molecular mechanisms of signal transduction in cellular processes
  • Molecular mechanisms of signal transduction in developmental processes


KUSAKABE, MoriouSenior Lecturer

morioh*lif.kyoto-u.ac.jp See faculty

MIYATA, YoshihikoAssistant Professor

ymiyata*lif.kyoto-u.ac.jp See faculty
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Main Campus, Research Bldg. No 16

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