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Research outline

In the early 2000s we found that certain gut microbes possess a series of glycosidases that act on host-derived glycans. Since then, we have focused on the symbiosis between gut microbes and humans mediated through host glycans such as human milk oligosaccharides and mucin O-glycans. While most researchers in the filed of gut microbes are approaching the symbiosis from the host side, we are trying to understand the symbiosis and co-evolution from the viewpoint of bacterial metabolism with genetic, enzymological, and ecological approaches.

Main themes

  • Breastmilk-mediated symbiosis between infants and bifidobacteria
  • Mucin O-glycan assimilation pathways in gut microbes
  • Aromatic amino acid metabolism in gut microbes
  • Development of an apical aerobic co-cultivation system


KATAYAMA, TakaneProfessor

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KATOH, ToshihikoAssistant Professor

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