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Laboratory of Science Communication

Research summary

Research outline

Our laboratory engages in the development and implementation of new approaches to the internationalization of science education and communication, based on principles of active learning. The particular challenges we are addressing often involve overcoming the differences in culture and pedagogical traditions between Japanese and Western societies. Our efforts are chiefly in the educational arena, aimed at training the next generation of scientists to communicate their knowledge and expertise not only to the international scientific community but locally to the citizens who ultimately support basic research.

Main themes

  • Increasing the exposure of Japanese students to foreign peers. We are forging new partnerships with foreign universities to foster joint distance-learning courses, with active student participation in English.
  • Establishing partnerships with foreign universities to encourage short-term reciprocal exchanges of graduate students for collaborative research.
  • Expanding the opportunities for students to present their research in English to a broad audience.


GUY, Adam TsudaAssociate Professor

guy.adam.3m*kyoto-u.ac.jp See faculty

HEJNA, James AlanSpecially Assigned Professor

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