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Laboratory of RNA Viruses

Research summary

Research outline

Our main focuses are bornaviruses and SARS-CoV-2. Bornavirus research includes elucidation of infection and replication mechanisms, viral co-evolution research to uncover the mysteries of endogenous bornavirus-like elements in our genomes, and development of a novel viral vector for gene and cellular therapies based on reverse genetics technology of bornavirus. In SARS-CoV-2 research, we are analyzing mutant strains and host factors that interact with viral replication. For more information, please visit the lab website or contact Dr. Tomonaga by email.

Main themes

  • Elucidation of the mechanism of replication and pathogeneses of bornaviruses
  • Analysis on virus-host co-evolution using endogenous bornaviruses
  • Development of a novel RNA viral vectors for gene and cellular therapy
  • Understanding the replication and pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2



TOMONAGA, KeizoProfessor

tomonaga.keizo.5r*kyoto-u.ac.jp See faculty

MAKINO, AkikoAssociate Professor

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MATSUGO, HiromichiAssistant Professor

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