Division of Integrated Life Science

Laboratory of Plasma Membrane and Nuclear Signaling

Research summary

Research outline

We are interested in how non-structured proteins interact, assemble and function in the intracellular milieu. By elucidating the phase behavior of non-structured proteins, we understand how intracellular membrane-less organelles assemble, dissolute, and function upon various stimuli. We especially focus on how the cell cycle, cell signaling, intracellular transport, and innate immune system are regulated by phase behaviors of non-structured proteins. We tackle these questions through biochemistry, biophysics, informatics, and various imaging techniques. If you are interested, please check the following YouTube videos!

  1. How protein phosphorylation regulates liquid-liquid phase separation
  2. Measuring macromolecular crowding in a cell
  3. Observing the endocytic process in a living cell

Main themes

  • How liquid-liquid phase separation regulates structural and functional dynamics of intracellular membrane-less organelles.
  • How post-translational modifications regulate liquid-liquid phase separation.
  • How the innate immune system uses intracellular membrane-less organelles.


YOSHIMURA, ShigehiroAssociate Professor

yoshimura.shigehiro.6n*kyoto-u.ac.jp See faculty

KUMETA, MasahiroAssistant Professor

kumeta*lif.kyoto-u.ac.jp See faculty
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