Laboratory of Biosignals and Response


NAGAO, Masaya
nagao.masaya.7e -at-

Associate Professor

KAMBE, Taiho
kambe1 -at-

Assistant Professor

NISHINO, Katsutoshi
nishino.katsutoshi.7x -at-

Visiting Assistant Professor

nishito.yukina.2r -at-


Main theme

Bio-prospecting, a research strategy searching for compounds that possess beneficial activity for health from natural sources, is one of the projects in this laboratory. Especially, compounds that are useful for treatment of lifestyle-related diseases and cancer are the main targets of our bio-prospecting.
We are also studying how organisms perceive environmental signals and transduce these signals into changes in gene expression, focusing mainly on the molecular and cellular basis of zinc metabolism (such as uptake, storage, delivery, and maintenance of metal concentration in cells) in mammal.

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