Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Bioresponse


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Assistant Professor

KATOH, Toshihiko
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Main theme

The aim of our laboratory is to understand the fundamental life processes of microbes and human, and to develop food- and health-oriented application research. The research activities mainly include (1) elucidation of the molecular mechanism underlying symbiosis and co-evolution between gut microbes and host, and (2) elucidation of the mechanism of mRNA processing, export and quality control in the nucleus in human and its industrial applications.
(1) Recent studies have shown that the consortium of gut microbes exerts a considerable influence on host health. Most researchers approach this topic from “host” side using a mouse model, but we believe that approaches from “microbe” side are equally needed to understand the symbiosis between them. To this end, we are genetically and enzymatically analyzing unique metabolic pathways in gut microbes, which should uncover the cross-kingdom communications between bacteria and host in intestine.
(2) The main projects are (i) the role of TREX and AREX, which couple transcription and export of mRNA, (ii) the molecular mechanism of RNA quality control in the nucleus, (iii) cell engineering for the protein production using mRNA export mechanism in mammalian cells to apply to industrial applications and (iv) identifying the active compounds which inhibit the mRNA matabolism to apply to medical care.

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