Laboratory of Plant Developmental Biology


ARAKI, Takashi
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Associate Professor

syamaoka -at-

Assistant Professor

INOUE, Keisuke
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Main theme

We are interested in molecular mechanisms underlying plant’s responses to environment. Plants have evolved plastic developmental programs with both genetic and epigenetic basis to adapt their sessile mode of life to changing environment. Using an angiosperm, Arabidopsis thaliana and a liverwort, Marchantia polymorpha as model systems, we have been investigating (1) regulation of growth phase transition (especially reproductive transition) in response to environmental signals, (2) mechanism of day-length perception by photoreceptors and circadian clock, (3) long-distance systemic signaling (e.g. florigen) in the control of development, (4) sexual reproduction processes (especially, germline specification and gametogenesis), and (5) origin and evolution of regulatory systems for plastic development.

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