Laboratory of Plasma Membrane and Nuclear Signaling

Associate Professor

YOSHIMURA, Shigehiro
yoshimura -at-

Assistant Professor

KUMETA, Masahiro
kumeta -at-

Main theme

Our laboratory studies dynamic properties of cellular proteins and membrane in cellular environments by using a variety of techniques in biochemistry, cellular biology and biophysical approaches. We are also interested in how those dynamics of cellular architectures are related to diseases. Specific research topics include:

  1. Cytoskeletal dynamics in cell motility and metastasis: intracellular dynamics of actin cytoskeleton is elucidated by our live-cell nano-imaging technique.
  2. Molecular mechanism of signal transduction: how plasma membrane and membrane -bound proteins coordinates endocytic process.
  3. Virus vs host cell at cell surface: imaging viral particle at the host plasma membrane to elucidate the mechanism of viral infection and proliferation.
  4. Proteins in molecular crowding: dynamic assembly and disassembly of proteins and nucleic acids in cellular environments.
  5. How do cells feel force?: elucidating molecular mechanism of mechano-sensing and -responses by combining various biophysical approaches


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