Laboratory of Bioimaging and Cell Signaling


MATSUDA, Michiyuki
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Assistant Professor

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Main theme

Our research has been focused on the visualization of activities of various kinases and G proteins in living cells using biosensors based on the principle of the Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET). Our most recent study created FRET-based optogenetic tools which enables molecular activity control at single-cell resolution. These sensors and optogenetic tools will lead us to ‘talk’ with live cells under microscope to facilitate deeper understandings of the biological systems. Multiphoton microscopy of various tissues and organs of mice expressing our biosensor will reveal relationship between signal transduction and cellular behavior in physiological and pathological conditions.

Research objects

  • Development of fluorescent and luminescent biosensors to visualize signal transduction in living cells.
  • Intercellular/intracellular signaling in living cells and living mice.
  • Live imaging of pancreatic cancer.
  • Live imaging of glia.
  • Analyses of proteostasis and lysosomal regulation to maintain neural stem cells in the adult brain.


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