Laboratory of Genetics


IGAKI, Tatsushi
igaki -at-

Associate Professor

KANDA, Hiroshi
kanda.hiroshi.2c -at-

Assistant Professor

menomoto -at-

Program-Specific Assistant Professor

taniguchi.kiichiro.3c -at-

Main theme

Our research focuses on the molecular basis of cell-cell communication that governs tissue growth, homeostasis, and cancer. We take advantage of the powerful genetics of Drosophila.

Research Subjects

  1. Mechanism of cell competition
  2. Genetic basis of tissue growth regulation
  3. Molecular basis of tumor progression and metastasis
  4. Mechanism of aging

Left:Polarity-deficient cells (green; losers) are eliminated from epithelium by wild-type cells (magenta; winners) through cell competition. 
Right:Malignant tumor cells (magenta) are invading and metastasizing from the eye disc to the brain (blue) in Drosophila larva.



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