Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biomechanics


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OKEYO, Kennedy
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Assistant Professor

KAMEO, Yoshitaka
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Main theme

Our research group aims to clarify the mechanisms by which cells sense mechanical stimuli and regulate their activities in tissue adaptation, regeneration and stem cell differentiation in morphogenesis. To better understand the mechano-regulation of these dynamical processes through the complex hierarchical structure-function relationships, bridging spatial and temporal scales from microscopic molecular/cellular activities to macroscopic tissue behaviors is very important. Based on multiscale biomechanics, our group is involved in the integrated biomechanics and mechanobiology researches of modeling and simulation combined with experiments, focusing on mechano-biochemical couplings in the system dynamics. 

  1. Biomechanics and mechanobiology studies on stem cell differentiation, morphogenesis, and remodeling in tissue development and regeneration. 
  2. Understanding mechanisms of tissue differentiation and regeneration emerged from multicellular dynamics.
  3. Identifying mechanisms of tissue functional adaptation by remodeling to mechanical environment.
  4. Elucidation of mechano-biochemical coupling mechanisms in mechanosensory cells. 
  5. Nano- and microengineering of artificial systems combined with biomolecular and cellular systems.


Morphogenesis of biological tissues is regulated by mechanical forces generated through multicellular interactions. This study aims to clarify the mechanism of tissue morphogenesis using experiments and simulations.


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