Laboratory of Biochemical Cell Dynamics


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Main theme

In principle, we identify specific genes regulating the biological phenomenon with our interests. The main approaches are as follows: Expression cloning using cDNA library, functional screening using sgRNA library in a CRISPR/Cas9 system, biochemical approach in combination with mass spectrometry. By establishing the robust experimental systems, we try to reveal the secrets of biological phenomenon. Currently, we are interested in the biological phenomenon called phospholipid scrambling that regulates blood coagulation, engulfment of dead cells, cell fusion, cancer progression, stress response, regulation of brain/bone/muscle functions and so on. In spite of its importance in various biological systems, much is unknown about how phospholipid scrambling is regulated. We are going to uncover the mechanisms.

Research Topic

  • Identification of novel scramblases on plasma membranes
  • Identification of novel scramblases on intracellular membranes
  • Identification of regulators or subunits in scramblases
  • Understanding physiological roles of scramblases
  • Understanding how diseases occur by scramblase deficiency
  • Understanding mechanisms of removal of unwanted cells
  • Developing in vivo screening systems


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