Division of Systemic Life Science

Laboratory of Cell Division and Differentiation

Research summary

Research outline

Our laboratory is studying the physiological organ remodeling during pregnancy, obesity, and aging. We aim to clarify the mechanism by which heterologous cell networks such as blood vessels / nerves / immune / stromal / epithelial cells reorganize tissues and organs in cooperation with mechanofields and humoral factors in tissues. Based on the mechanism of the physiological organ remodeling, we are developing new medical technologies and therapeutic agents that contribute to tissue repair and anti-aging. We are also investigating the interface between maternal organ remodeling and fetal growth. Our newly developed gene-targeting technology supports the project.

Main themes

  • Physiological organ remodeling during the life course
  • Relevance of maternal organ remodeling in embryonic development
  • Application of physiological organ remodeling to regenerative and anti-aging medicine
  • Gene targeting technology and Gene therapy
  • Bioinformatics methodology for the analysis of large biological datasets


TOYOSHIMA, FumikoProfessor

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VANDENBON, AlexisAssociate Professor

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